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Impact Retirement - ESG Models



ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance. Some investors are looking for ways to align their investments with their values. ESG focused funds invest in companies that have strong track records on how they impact the environment, treat employees and customers, and the diversity and transparency of their corporate structure.


Not only can companies that have strong ESG practices do good, they also have the potential to have strong corporate financial performance.

Impact Retirement Portfolios are diversified across major asset classes, including: U.S. Equities, International Equities and Bonds. The underlying funds within these portfolios are screened for traditional performance factors as well as their ESG focus. The end result is a portfolio that provides diversification and ESG focus in a single choice.


Conservative, Moderate & Aggressive. Risk based ESG portfolios are available in your plan. You can select the model that fits your risk tolerance, Impact Retirement - Conservative, Moderate or Aggressive within your secure account at CUNA Mutual. Your assets will be allocated in a diversified portfolio of ESG focused funds. Login to your account to get started.

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